Monday, February 2, 2015

The Great Indian Vacation round-up!

M's first visit to India was, as expected, very eventful. She thoroughly enjoyed the rather long stay at nana-nani's house - nani a clear favorite from the entire trip. She still tells me she wants to go back or that nana-nani should stay in Portland! 

We took almost a month to normalize sleeping and eating routines - Everybody had lot of fun at M's expense who complained about everything being "noise, hot, and sticky". She was on a self-imposed water diet for the longest time :). But once we were acclimatised, the true Indian in M came out - loving the noises - constant honking, ringing of the door bell, enjoying the cows and the dogs on the road (travelling without a car seat made road trips even more fun!), snacking on spicy stuff that had tears coming from her eyes but the mouth refusing to stop eating!

Her typical day routine included jumping and clinging on everybody - nana, nani, and mama as they struggled to get to work on time while trying their best not to upset an already whining, yet, very lovable puppy (M ofcourse ;)). Nana's daily puja and the conch blowing had her fascinated all through. Nani would get a joyous welcome everyday complete with hugs, kisses, and licks! (I am serious.) - the others came in after bedtime.
Weekends were a riot - mall hopping, endless shopping, eating out, some but of sightseeing, and lots of snuggles and cuddles with our adorable cub!

M met a whole new world of uncles, and aunts, and grandparents, and friends, and neighbors - and am so happy she got to meet so many people who matter to me. Lot of pampering but I am not complaining - she was thoroughly loved and the narcissist that she is, she enjoyed every bit of it. She had a taste of her first friendship - well, the closest a friendship can come to for a toddler - more about that in another post.

Thatha-dadi, Athai, uncle and the first cousins made M's Bangalore trip very memorable. She can still recite everyone's first names, and what each on of them did - for example, akka plays the hoop and has biscuit and choco - She mentions the latter everytime she has her evening milk! It was wonderful to see M instantly take to "akka" - as she went overboard with the kisses and the i love you's!

We came back with overloaded suitcases (what with all the stuff everybody insisted that had to get M - I got some too!), and slightly heavy hearts - and while we are thrilled to be back at home with daddy, et al. I can feel M misses the constant companionship of loved ones and the constant hustle and bustle around the house - so more work for me to keep her gainfully occupied!

(P.S. M as always kept us entertained with a string of one liners and funny phrases - trying to remember some of them and put together in another post!)

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