Friday, March 13, 2015


So I was reading this handout from our doctor's visit, and as always Ms BusyBody M comes in:
Manya: mommy what are you reading?
Me: some stuff from the doctor's.
Manya: I also want to read.
Me: okay! 
(so I start reading aloud word for word, and we go through the first bullet)
Manya: what does that mean?
Me: they are saying children like Manya can throw tantrums because they don't understand some things because they are babies.
Manya (very agitated): this is nonsense. I am not a baby. I understand everything.
(I promptly tossed the handout away - there exists no literature yet on how to deal with Ms. Feisty.)
(P.s. Use of nonsense - most things these days are just "nonsense")

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