Monday, July 27, 2015

Protecting eyes from screen time!

As I was prepping for dinner,
Me: Manya I think you have had enough screen time for the day please keep my phone away.
Manya: But mommy I want too much screen time.
Me: Too much screen time is bad for you
Manya: Why
Me: Because it doesn't let your mind and body grow.
Manya: But I am growing so well
Me (to myself - WTF, what a narcissist am I bringing up): Alright, but it's bad for the eyes too. You will stop seeing after a while.
[Yes, I am a cruel mom - SILENCE there was]
I thought I had won this battle only to turn around and see Manya with my phone and with her sunglasses on!
Me:Why do you have your sunglasses on?
Manya (with the cheekiest grin ever): Just like the sunglasses protect my eyes from sun, they will protect me from screen time.
I don't know what I have done to deserve this! Seriously!

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