Monday, September 21, 2015

The Gothic phase!

Manya is going through a real interesting phase - I call it the "Gothic" phase. We happened to chance upon a book about monsters a couple of months back and there has been no looking back after that.

She wants monster stories all the time, she wants to watch "scary" ghost stories - it is not that she is not scare d she is scared but thrilled at the same time. She imagines tree shadows into our bedroom to be monster arms and then screams in fear or mock, I don't really know which! She runs from one room to another saying she saw a zombie and then is highly disappointed when she realizes there is no space under the bed for monsters to hide.

Oh, and I must talk about creative expressions on these lines - she paints dark, stormy nights in her art class using black, green and purple colors. She paints everything black and brown and dabs some silver strokes here and there and apparently those are spooky voices in the dark forest!

That Halloween is round the corner and all stores are already stocking on decorations and jack-o-lanterns and costumes and what not - hasn't helped our cause. This obsession of hers couldn't be more ill  perfectly timed. The following is her well researched (thank you Library) wish list for Halloween:
- She wants to scare people.
- She wants to go trick or treating (and has already bought her pumpkin basket to carry all that candy).
- She wants to go to a pumpkin field, pick her own one, and carve her own jack-o-lantern.
- She wants to become a bat girl (costume already obtained) - no she is not aware of the comic series or the character but the black cape and the mask excite her! She wanted to become a witch but apparently according to her the costumer was "not black enough".
- She wants to decorate the house with pumpkins, spiders and cobwebs - she also wanted skeletons but has scratched that off her list because then the house "will become too scary".

Here are some hilarious conversation tid-bits in this context...

Me: Manya what do you want to be for Halloween?
Manya: Bat girl
Me: Oh but I thought you wanted to be a witch or something - you didn't like that costume?
Manya: No, for Halloween I want to be a bat girl but when I grow up I want to be a witch.
Me: But you said you'd be an astronaut or a pilot or a firefighter?
Manya: No, I just want to be a witch and cast spell on people.
Me: That maybe a very good career choice (bleh)


Me: Manya you have been extra cranky since morning. Can you please not behave so badly.
Manya: I am not behaving badly. I think a witch has cast a spell.
Me: You'll really have to come up with a better excuse next time.


Manya: I think there's a monster in our room.
Me: There's no monster. Monsters are not even real. They are just in your imagination.
Manya (very disappointed): I wish monsters were real.


Manya: Tell me a scary monster story.
So, I make some rubbish up.
Manya: But that is not scary at all - please make it more scary so that I am scared!


This fall is going to be very interesting. Signing off with a picture of Manya's dining plate these days...

P.S. As I was updating the labels for this post, I kid you not a spider jumped onto my screen from nowhere - BOO. It is getting spooky out here!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

One of our many "arguments"...

Manya: Is summer over?
Me: Looks like it. It's quite chilly today.
Manya (looking out of the window): It's so cold, even the trees are shivering.
Me: Umm, they are shaking because of the wind. They can't feel cold to shiver.
Manya: Ofcourse they can feel cold.
Me: they cannot really "feel" anything - they don't have a nervous system or brains to understand feelings.
Manya stares at me as if I was talking Latin.
So, I continue - trees can't feel.
Manya: I think they can.
Me: They can't.
Manya: Let us not argue about everything!
Me: 😱😱😱
I cannot say anything to her without her punching it back in my face eventually!