Monday, October 19, 2015

I want a baby!

...Says Manya and not mommy!

I will go on record to say this that if we have a second kid, it will be only because of so much pressure from our first born. (P.S. I am not expecting). Manya these days is obsessed with babies - every single doll and soft toy she has (and she has too many of those) are babies, which she delicately wraps in blankets and gently sways them and lovingly tucks them in bed.

She says she wants a baby sister and we have had meltdowns and tantrums because she wanted one "right now". I patiently sit and talk to her, "explain" to her but all I get is "Why don't yo try having a baby - you are not doing anything at all, not even trying. Start looking for hospitals atleast", she says!

Haven't I consistently maintained she is a nutcase. We asked her if she would do with a baby brother - she vehemently vetoed the idea and said, "it has to be a baby sister, the baby brother can go back into mommy;s tummy."

We also have days when she puts a soft toy under her t shirt and then brings out and says - "tadaa we have a baby!"

She wants a baby. I want mommy!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sweet nothings

Some random statements Manya has been making the last couple of months...

"Mommy I have got hurt in the palm of my foot"

"Mommy I want a baby right now"

"I am not adorable. I am Manya" (This when her art teacher told her she was adorable!)

"I am hungry, I must be illuminated."

"I am not cute. Puppies are cute."

"How old is the week today?"