Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Manya befriends Siri

The little one has discovered a new way to entertain herself. She activates the voice enabled help on our iphone/ipad, and then has a conversation with Siri...

"Siri, call daddy right now!"

"Siri, where's my doctor app?"

"Siri, what should I do with mommy?"

"Siri, I love you, do you love me?"


Monday, December 7, 2015

Finding Nemo!

Continuous rains have put all of us under house arrest and inspite of all genuine efforts to not become a couch potato, I sadly have to concede that screen time privileges for Manya have exponentially increased.

Having never seen a full length movie before, we were not sure how M's attention would pan out but wow, did she amaze us. She followed the storyline attentively and was very emotionally engaged till the end. It has become a sort of obsession for her  fishes, the story, it doesn't help that her aunt has already gifted her a FInsing Nemo playset that is her favorite toy these days.

We also introduced her to Kungfu Panda and inspite of an unsure start, she has grown to like it as well. I really hope Summers are here soon and we can resist these temptations. Am hoping, she waits a bit longer for the big screen cinema debut :P.