Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Heart vs. Brain

This gem of a conversation is from a jetlagged night in India...

M: My heart is feeling so upset because a mosquito bit me.
Me: Awww beta don't feel so upset, it will be okay very soon.
M: My heart is feeling hungry.
Me (amused): Hungry for what?
M (in a matter of fact tone): For food!
Me: I thought only tummy feels hungry for food.
M: No, sometimes my heart feels hungry too. I eat for my heart.
Me (philosophically): Actually, sometimes I eat for my heart too.
M (in a teasing tone): Your heart is greedy!
Me: Very funny. Manya did you know actually the heart , the tummy feel nothing - it's the brain that really feels...
M (in mild annoyance): No, that's not true. My brain is placed too high to feel anything.
Me (trying to control my laughter): You maybe right, you know.
M (very annoyed): What are you laughing at? Can I get some raisins for my heart.
Me: Ofcourse!
(To myself: and you don't need nuts because they are placed high up there in the brain.)

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