Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Her first big fat Indian wedding...

We were in India in Jan-Feb to attend the wedding of my brother. Manya was upbeat about it ever since the conversations around the event had started. Her classic "mama ki shaadi hai" had been doing the rounds since months.

Like a true blue Indian she participated in the various celebrations with full gusto - shopped for all the finery, danced at the music evening, was a sport in the long drive for the baraat, and back.

Here is what she has picked up from her first big fat Indian weddings:
  • If you are getting married, you start staying together and don't go back to your own home for sleeping in the night.
  • A lot of pujas and functions happen, but you are truly married only when you "dance around the fire."
  • A chunni or a dupatta is a must have for any event. Or atleast lace, lot of bling, and frills and all that.
  • And bangles too...like nobody goes to a shaadi without bangles.
  • Only married people have children (and I did not tell her that -she speaks from her personal observation)
  • Loud music and crazy dancing are important rituals at the wedding.
  • Daddy married mommy, nana married nani and so on and so forth and she missed all the weddings and that is so unfair.
  • Wedding means lot of strangers "poking my face" and asking me come to their laps even when I don't want to.
  • Whenever life seems boring, ask any random person to get married so that "everybody can have fun!!"
What have your learnings from an Indian wedding been?

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