Monday, March 28, 2016

Martial Arts

While all activities that Manya is engaged in currently - art, swimming, dropoff school skills class - have been mostly driven by M herself, this is one thing that I consciously steered her towards - Martial Arts. I spoke to her about it and told her what she could expect and if she would be interested - she gladly said yes - anything to get out of the house for, I guess. She has watched KungFu panda and hopes to learn kung-fu soon. But oh well...

I firmly believe that children when involved in any kind of martial arts from an early age develop a positive body image - they learn to control and respect their body and become conscious of their own physical and mental strengths, a sense of discipline, respect for self and others and basic right and wrong. Actual self defense comes later. These are skills or values that a sport or a dance class would also inculcate - I was not very keen on pursuing these though because I feel she is too young to choose a specific sport and as for dance umm it requires some kind of innate skill- whereas martial arts is all acquired - i think that reinforces a greater sense of confidence in one's own ability and effort.

Sometime earlier this year, I finally found a school that completely aligns itself to my perspective. We had our first class today and I was absolutely thrilled - One, Manya loved the class and wants to continue. (I even asked her f she'd want to do a dancing class instead to which she very matter-of-factly replied - "I already know how to dance :P :D.").
Two, the class was structured exactly how I would have wanted - there's a lot of focus on physical posture, respectful behavior, and real life scenarios that require physical, mental and emotional processing. 

I really hope M decides to pursue this long term - it does help that we got a brand new uniform and the white belt!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

First drop-off class!

The control and plan freak that I am, this is how we have charted out Manya's initiation to one of the most widely believed in institutions - formal learning or school - So her highness starts formal preschool - 5 days a week, 2hrs 40 mins a day starting September. So that she is comfortable with the school environment, she'll be going for a summer camp in July-August, two days a week, 2.5 hrs a day. And to get used to staying without mommy, we have started her on something called a School Skills class (once a week - for two hours), which is just play, music and some project work at Gymboree, where she already goes for a mommy and me art class.  

Many people think I am crazy to micromanage the transition from being full time at home with mommy to being at a preschool, and I agree but then that's how I am :D. :p.

Anyways, so March 9th was Madame's first drop off class. If you have read my earlier posts, you'll know M has been showing signs of school readiness for a while now - we are potty trained, communicate well, and most importantly are damn bored sitting at home. She was well briefed by me as to what was going to happen and she was quite non-chalant about all of it. She just asked me the previous day that what if she really starts missing me and needs me, - I told her well if there's a problem your teacher will be able to resolve, else she has my number and if you "realllyyyy" need me, she can always give me a call. She also asked me if the teacher would give hugs and I told her if she wanted, she could initiate it herself. And that was about it.

I dropped her off and she said bye and turned around and did not look back even once - my mind tells me that I should be happy about it, but oh heart! To calm my nerved down, I sat in a coffee shop right across the street and once it was fairly clear I was not going to be called anytime soon, I ventured to a nearby mall.

I got a nice hug and a delightful squeal when I was there to pick her up - She showed me some projects and on the way home when I asked her what happened at school, she goes, "I told Teacher Jerda, I want to do susu, I forgot to say pee, but she understood. She had to help me get on to the pot but I pulled up my panties and pants on my own!" Oh and how I went awwww.
The other big happening was snack time apparently. After a couple of hours, she told e there was a boy who knocked down her tower and did not apologise but she didnt fight with him. We ofcourse have no corroboration for the story. And I believe another boy told her "he didn't want to be talked to" LOL.

So we are good and our little girl is all set to fly :).