Friday, April 29, 2016


Lately, Manya has been going on and on about how she does not want to be a human being anymore - apparently she wants to be anything but a human. Here are some quotable quotes from her highness on the subject...

"Being a human is so boring. I wish was some kind of an animal or a bird or even a bug - anything but a human being."

"There's nothing that human beings can do - they cannot fly, they cannot lay eggs, they cannot wriggle on the ground."

"Maybe, I'll grow up to be a bird. I'll fly high in the sky, build a nest, lay my eggs, and protect my chicks from human beings."

"I wish I was a cheetah or a tiger. I know I am ot a human being. I am a cheetah cub and I will grow up to be a real cheetah!"

And ofcourse, it is always the mother's fault...

"Why did you give birth to me as a human being - couldn't you give birth to me as a bird or a bug or an animal instead?" 

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