Friday, April 22, 2016

Our Morning Alarm Setlist

I got up this morning to be told by FB how I had shared the following status 2 years ago on this very day...

My mornings have been cruel (and very early) ever since M was born. In the initial months she'd wake us with a cry, later with a shout, then with a kick. Once she started talking a little, it was "aap" (up)...For the last few weeks she had been saying, "git aaahp" (get up). But today was really the heights. Her highness gets up, sits on my tummy and says, loud and clear, "Wake up, Lazy!!!"

Well, I had to update with our current status...
...I had to share this - she is still my morning alarm and while I don't get the wake up lazy too often, I do get a full blown sermon that usually goes like this, 
"mommy wake up wake up - can't you see it is morning - there is light now- we need to get up- everybody wakes up early. I need to pee, I need to drink milk - I am so hungry. I need to go to the park - can I also watch Octonauts today? Will we go to the beach today or the zoo? I really need a dog pet. I want to learn to fly. Did you know sharks can also be friends? Can I have a tiger or cheetah pet? Mommy if you don't get up I think I will pee in the bed!!"
All this and more in the first 2 mins of my day. 😳

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