Friday, July 29, 2016


So we are playing one of the trillion pretend and play games that Manya invents everyday, and here goes...
M: mommy let's play the baby sitter game.
Me: (very uninterested): okay, how does it go?
M: my babies (pointing to her dolls) are all alone at home when I go to work, so you'll be the baby sitter.
Me: (stretching out for my phone, to get into character 😜) okay! So where do you work?
M: in Oregon
Me: no, I meant who do you work for?
M: I work for money!
Me: no no, I mean like a company or something
M: I don't work for anyone - I only work for money.
Me: why do you need so much money?
M: to buy important things for my husband
I am still in splits!!!

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