Monday, March 27, 2017

Presenting Manya's Frozen...

(P.S. Manya has watched a few minutes of the popular movie Frozen. She loses interest every time she sits down to watch it but thanks to Disney marketing she's quite obsessed with the brand in terms of material possessions and does know the characters and the story, largely, that's what i thought. Only today did I realize her version is, well, more interesting. )
M: mommy, I want frozen multivitamins.
Me: Manya, you don't even eat gummies, you won't like them.
M: you are buying multivitamins for me, so I get to choose which ones, it's only fair!
Me: sure, don't you dare waste them. And what's with frozen these days anyways, you don't even know the story!
M: (very offended): ofcourse I know the story! It's very simple. Elsa leaves her palace after her parents go on a vacation because her sister gives her no privacy. She makes a frozen castle of her own and lives happily. Meanwhile Anna marries some random stranger Chris and Elsa says this is not even a marriage. Who marries a random stranger anyways. Then Anna thinks she must make it up to her sister so she tries to visit her with Chris but Elsa tries to block her way. Finally, Anna learns how to ride a horse and Elsa thinks that thank god my sister has learnt new skills and not just doing wrong marriages. So she forgives her. The end!
Me: that is absolutely great manya. Can you please repeat it slowly so that I can type it out to share with others who may not know this story....