Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Manya woke up with a rash all over her body - no other symptoms except a minor cold and cough. So we are driving to her doctor and en route...
Me (trying to go over my google knowledge): Manya you are sure the rash is not itchy right?
M: No mom.
Me: Is it hurting if you touch or press the red dots.
M: No mom.
Me: And your ear or throat is not hurting?
M (very irritably): Nothing is happening mom.
Me: That's really strange. I wonder how the doctor is going to diagnose anything.
M: It is nothing mom - I could have just gone to school - maybe the stress caused the rash.
Me: (wtf) Stress what stress?
M: All the stress in my life!
Me: (muttering) You don't even know what stress is. Pls explain stress.
M: I'll tell you later.
We visit the doctor and of course with no definite accompanying symptoms she just puts us on a wait and watch.
M walks out shaking her head dismissively: I told you it was nothing. Just stress.
Me (with a deep breath): Looks like Manya you were right, as always. I have heard ice cream is great for stress, let's both have some!
Fingers crossed that the rash is just that - stress - and then I need to figure out what stress means to a four year old! 😳🙄😈