Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Me: Manya you know next week on the 4th of July, the American Independence Day is celebrated.
M (very disinterested): hmm
Me: you know what that means. The United States of America won the war of freedom against all rulers. And finally they had a government by the people. No king or queen.
M: (very disappointedly): Oh no. That is so sad. 
Me: why is that sad. 
M: because I love Kings and queens and palaces and princesses and all things royal.
Me: But imagine manya if we ever had a bad or mean king or queen the people would have no say. We now elect our presidents - people can choose.
M: I would have fought the mean king and queen, there would have been a Great War. I would have thrown them out of the kingdom and become the nice queen. 
Me: you just want unlimited drama in your life, don't you! Pls finish your milk now. We'll discuss this again tomorrow.

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